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VODA UA – Ukrainian water that has unique chemical composition. Extracted from one of the purest sources in Ukraine, VODA UA identifies as a 100% natural water. VODA UA bottled without any physical and chemical corrections. Naturally clean water sources are located in the heart of Ukraine, Cherkassy region, called «Little Carpathians». Unique ecological conditions and the exceptionally valuable water sources are highly recognized in Ukraine and around the world. The presence of many necessary for human trace elements, as well as the natural content of silver makes it indispensable for the water-mineral balance of the body

vodaua for your health

Polyethylene terephthalate (or PET) is amenable to recycling and reusing and also is one of the safest types of plastics according to international standards and confirmed by the certificate.

VODA UA is really live

Minerals – inorganic substances, which contained in land and water. Those macro and micro elements are required for each person's nutritional needs. Our water extracted from environmental sources depths of over 100m, and is saturated with essential minerals. VODA UA is cleansed by reverse osmosis.

vodaua for your health

useful for life

Reverse osmosis employs a semipermeable membrane that removes not only particles but also an extremely high percentage of dissolved contaminants-molecule by molecule- from raw tap water. Also Silver ion, meanwhile, strips and kills any harmful bacteria or fungi floating in the water.

vodaua for your health

VODA UA for life

Being on vacation, trip or on business meeting, it is very important to replenished water balance in time. A lot of experts recommend to take bottle of water and keep it before your eyes.

vodaua for your health
vodaua for your health

network age which provided an opportunity reduce costs of production, water in glass bottle has become more elitist.

PET, which is embodied bottle has a short shelf life. This bottle not crystallizes during the heating and is characterized simple processing and disposal.

Bottle from plastic is disposal.


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